Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for our Website

The below private policy describes out site’s private operations and work tasks with regard to personal and business data. This policy is independent from offline personal data collected. Here, the personal data refers to personal information such as Name, Date of Birth, Age and Contact Information.


Change of Privacy Policy Overtime

Due to growing business dynamics, our site is going to introduce new products and services which will highly demand a change of certain policies. Because of these changes in law (some ongoing and some futuristic) our website’s data practices will change from time to time. If the changes happen, we will notify our customers and therefore encourage you to check this page from time to time.


Email Newsletters

Our site, just like many other similar businesses operates on a regular email newsletter programs. Therefore, users can subscribe through an online process which is automated should they like to do so. However, be advised that if you decide to do this, it is upon your discretion and that the site shall not take any losses, injuries, damages or inefficiencies experienced.



Although our sites thrives to include safe, quality and relevant links for interested customers, link users should always try and adopt a cautionary policy before clicking the provided link. The site operators and owners cannot verify or guarantee whatsoever the contents of any externally powered source despite their level of professionalism and BEST efforts. Therefore users should not that clicking any external links ´┐Żassociated’ with this website is for their own risk and that site owners shall not be held liable for anything.

Adverts and Sponsored Links

From time to time, we might include adverts or sponsored links served by our trusted partners. These will typically be people whom we have highly detailed policies which are directly associated to theirs. Clicking on such links will send you to their sites through a referral application which might track the number of referral from this site and may use cookies. Therefore our sites leaves the decision of clicking the links at the disposal of site users and that any form of transaction that happens between them and ad owners is independently from our site and its services.