Tips on How to maximize weight loss with Garcinia Cambogia

For the last one decade, garcinia cambogia has been the most popular weight loss supplement. To be sincere, not every person get equal results and some people are very frustrated with the results. The write up focuses on how to get the best out of garcinia cambogia extract. But first, it is good to know how garcinia cambogia works to aid in weight lose.

How garcinia cambogia.

Garcinia cambogia is a natural supplement that aid in weight loss and body reshaping. It is not a magic portion that will work within a single night, but the supplement works in 3 main ways;

Suppressing appetite.

When using garcinia, you feed less, the amount as well as the frequency of eating is reduced. Compulsive eating is the major cause of excessive weight, by lowering hunger fangs, garcinia cambogia significantly increases the rate at which your body burns excess fat.

Increasing body metabolic rate.

Garcinia cambogia increases body metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate compiles your body to increase fat combustion in order to cater for increased energy need.

Inhibiting fat synthesis.

The HCA lowers production of enzyme lyase which converts glucose into fats. Rather than converting glucose into fats, excess glucose is actively combusted to provide the energy required to maintain elevated metabolic rate.

How to maximize weight loss with garcinia cambogia.

Just like any other weight loss supplement in the market, garcinia cambogia will only give optimal results when used correctly and other weight loss tips are properly followed. The following are tips on how to maximize weight with garcinia cambogia.

Correct dosage- to optimize results, correct dosage and duration of use should be followed to the tee. The correct dosage is 1600mg taken twice a day (800mg× 2). Garcinia will not work within a single night, it takes time and you should remain unwearied. Results may be evident within 4 weeks of use, but this varies from one person to another. You may use up to 3 months or more to get significant drop in weight.

Proper diet- for faster results, garcinia should be complemented with proper diet. Lower sugar intake, and avoid carbonated drinks such as beer, fruit juices and sodas among many other carbonated drinks because they will compromise your efforts to lose weight. Plant sources of protein are preferred, but lean or white meat is not bad. 

Avoid junk foods-junk foods are the most prevalent cause of weight gain. To avoid compulsive eating, ensure you include vegetable and fruits in your daily. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber which makes you feel full longer with very minimal calorie intake. These foods contain nutrients that aid in weight loss, and also boost recovery after workouts. Fiber is also very important because it help in absorption of excess water in the body.

Adhere to proper eating habits- how you eat will also influence results. In order to eat less food, drink a glass of water before eating. Colder water will also burn more calories than water at a tepid temperature. You should also eat in small portions rather than single portion. Eat at least 5 small portions in a day rather than 2 large portions in a day. Small portion allows your body to properly absorb food.

Limit salt intake- salt causes excessive absorption of water which balloons your body. 

Exercise- any 20 to 30 minutes that will induce sweating will do. Whether at gym, office or at your house, any 20 to 30 serious daily exercises will give amazing results. Aerobic exercises will accelerate weight loss by burning calories. Types of aerobic exercises include walking, biking, running and swimming. 

You should not stick to the same exercises because your body will get used to the exercise. Interval training- involves mixing moderate and high intensity workouts will give excellent results.

Only pure garcinia will give the best results- above all, you should only use pure garcinia cambogia free from additives, fillers and bidders. Only buy garcinia supplement that has been approved by the FDA. For the supplement to be effective, it must contain 50% HCA (the active ingredient). Regular garcinia supplement have contain less than 50% HCA, and thus not effective. 

To ensure you buy pure garcinia cambogia supplement, buy from a reputable dealer. Check customer’s reviews before purchasing. You should also follow the direction of use.


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